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Kundel Magnetics is excited to announce a patent pending, non-contact, push/pull, passive MAGNETIC THRUST BEARING (no elect. reqirered). The proto-type thurst bearing has 360 degrees rotation with a hold force of 50lbs and a weight of only 1.5lbs. The possibilities of application are endless. Please feel free to contact us for further information and check back for more details in the coming weeks.

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patent 7,151,332
KUNDEL Magnetic Coupling Device
Magnetically Transfers Linear Movement to Rotational Movement and Vice Versa
By aligning the magnetic fields in a perpendicular geometry, we have efficiently leverage the energy within the magnets. Regardless of size, shape, strength, or whether made from plastic or rare earth, the magnetic connection remains the same.
  • FRICTIONLESS Magnetic Cog / Gear
  • RPM and Reciprocation can be Controlled
  • Runs Clockwise & Counterclockwise
  • NO HEAT is Generated by the Interaction
  • Isolated Components
Linear movement by the center magnet pushes on both the rotor magnets forcing them to rotate about their shared axis. Rotating 180° to aligned with the center linear magnetic poles. By placing the magnets in such a geometry and only allowing them to follow a designated path, We have transformed the repulsion an attraction of the magnets into rotational torque or linear force.
  90degreeSubNeg3D   90degreeSubPos3D    

Diagram 1:
Placing a duplicate of the linear magnetic below creates a geared effect between the magnetic fields.

Diagram 2:
Placing a duplicate of the rotor magnets above creates a geared effect between the magnetic fields.

Linear movement of the center magnet(s) forces the rotor magnets to rotate 180°.

  The motor is basically a simple magnetic cog. The magnetic fields lock together like a gear's teeth one will always cause the other to move. The rotors rotation will cause reciprocation and reciprocation will cause rotation. By adding a Voice Coil for reciprocation and a commutate for timing we have made a simple efficient motor. It is important to note that any oscillation and or reciprocation will cause continuous rotation and vice versa.

Animation below illustrates:
.) The magnets field orientation. 2.) The interaction of the reciprocator magnets and the rotor magnets.


This is example of how the Kundel Magnetic Cog can be utilized. The motor was built to show two very important characteristics of the frictionless magnetic cog:
  • The efficiency of the energy transfer from reciprocation to rotation.
  • The size and shape of the magnet does not matter, the link remains the same.
The motor's torque is constant, push energy (repulsing magnetic fields) and pull energy (attracting magnetic fields). Operates like any typical AC or DC motor but instead of oscillating current it oscillates a permanent magnet. It is important to note that all the rotational work / torque that the motor is producing comes only from the friction less interaction between the Reciprocating & Rotor magnets.

The videos below are of the second prototype. Videos of the first prototype can be found on Kundel Magnetics YouTube Channel

Kundel Magnetics Prototype Motor 2 (ver 2.0)
Kundel Motor running @ 4,100 RPM - 68.3 Hertz
Kundel Motor w 11in fan, running @ 2,000+ RPM
Kundel Motor Amperage is NOT effected by a load.
Kundel Magnetic Coupling Device
patent 7,151,332

The Kundel Magnetic Coupling has a wide range of potential applications from automotive and industrial production to medical and food service.

Kundel Magnetics will enter into a commercial license with any company that has an application for our technology. Joint venture proposals are also welcome.

If you think your business can benefit from the Kundel Magnetics products, please contact us to discuss your ideas or proposals.

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If you have any question or comment please feel free to contact us.

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